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Individual Tailoring

In our Miami design studio, you can enjoy a privileged service of individual tailoring. Fur coats or Leather jackets will be manufactured exclusively for you: from the model, which is suitable for your silhouette up to the tone and texture of materials. An exclusive product will flatter the figure and reflect your style.

Even if you are not able to meet us in person, you can also send us your measuments in order for us to make your perfect jacket or coat according to your personal specifications. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your leather or fur garment desires and we will do our best to satisfy your every wish.

You can check how to take your body measurements in our "Size & Fit" section and after sending them to us, our designers will arrange for taking all the necessary steps and arrangements to bring your fantasy to life.

Any request our client may have is well respected and our sole interest is keeping you happy so don't hesitate to ask!


Inside of fur coat or leather jacket, we can add your initials, writing your name on it. Besides, it is an amazing gift idea, when you purchase the item for your beloved ones, friends or family members.
Make it memorable. Make it personal. Give your fur coats or leather jackets a special touch with embroidered monogramming.


Cleaning fur coats and fur accessories is a delicate, involved process. The standard dry cleaners would not be able to execute the type of focused cleaning your fur coats and fur accessories require. Your decision as to which furrier to utilize is important. The well being of your fur coat or fur accessory depends on this.

This is why at LAFFON we provide you with the best fur cleaning service available in order to bring new life to your fur coat/accesories trough personal care and attention to details.


One of the best ways to continue to get the most wear out of your animal fur is to restyle it into something new.
Take a look around the internet, Pinterest especially, and you are bound to get some great chic and inspirational ideas for your fur. Take these looks and use them as a basis for how you would like to restyle your own fur.

This reference point will be very helpful and useful for us when recreating a piece that is perfect for you and your personality. Besides the team of our skilled artisans will always be happy to offer their fresh vision.




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