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  • Laffon offers Argentine Red fox blankets and that will bury you in exceptionally soft, luxurious comfort!
  • Argentine Red fox fur is among the softest, silkiest type of fox fur. Argentine Red fox blankets bring fire to any room. Contrast the red with cool blues, greys or compliment ivory and wood furniture with the brown, red and orange tones of our hand-selected fox blankets.
  • We inspect each and every pelt several times during the manufacturing process so you receive only the most exquisite fox blanket on the market.
  • We source our Argentine Red fox blankets for the densest, richest fur with a consistency that cannot be met by retail manufacturers.
  • You won't regret buying our Argentine fox blankets, as they will become the conversation piece in any room. In fact, you may need more than one so every member of the family has something soft and warm to curl into during the winter months.
  • We offer custom sizes to work with your décor.
  • 100% Made in Argentina and certified quality issuance with your purchase.

Argentine Red Fox Blanket

    • Size : 8.21 ft. long x 7.21 ft. wide
    • Fully lined. Anti-slip.
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