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  • One of our primary objectives is to make sustainable use of existing resources like the Argentine Grey fox. Our Grey fox fur blankets and bed throws are made from authentic Argentine Grey fox pelts.
  • The fur of the Argentine Grey fox is soft, and silky with a gorgeous natural grey color. Argentine Grey Fox Bed Throw is elegant and luxurious with a soft texture. You can use the fur bed throw in any season. This fox fur bed throw is also a perfect personal gift for any occasion.
  • To avoid an overpopulation, the population of the Argentine Grey and Red foxes gets controlled by authorized hunters. All our real fur blankets and bed throws are made by our master furriers in our workshop in Buenos Aires.
  • If you have any questions regarding our Grey or Red fox fur blankets and bed throws, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Argentine Grey Fox Bed Throw

Natural: Natural
    • Size : 5.9 ft. long x 3.18 ft. wide
    • Fully lined. Anti-slip.
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