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Best Leather in the World

At the top of most people’s shopping lists when they go to Argentina is leather. And for good reason: As one the world’s biggest producers of meat, Argentine leather is considered to be the best leather in the world and Buenos Aires is a leather Mecca.

Argentina is an ideal country to make leather famous worldwide because of its large extensions of fields and adequate weather enabeling free-range farming abundance in the Argentine pampas. Moreover, our cows and lambs do not require balanced feed, and consequently, provide a firmer, thicker and more durable material which, after being industrialized, becomes a fine grain, flexible, soft, durable, resistant and deliciously scented product with woody and sweet notes.

Now LAFFON brings you the best leathers and most luxurious furs collections right to your fingertips from our Miami design studio.

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We believe that exceptional quality Leathers & Furs are truly extraordinary and we have made it our mission to contribute to its preservation and promotion.


For a long time, large retailers and non luxury brands have misguided consumers by lowering quality and using alternative materials along the way.

We, on the other hand, give you an honest and real premium alternative.


After decades of experience, we offer you a handamade world-class product and our commitment towards  legendary service and personalized shopping experience.

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33019 - Hollywood , Florida EE. UU.

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